Podcast Title
Benefits of portfolio rationalisation in today's times
Hong Kong - Growing Availability of Office Space in Kowloon East
China - Diminishing Window of Opportunity
The Emergence of Shanghai’s Decentralised Office Market
India - Better occupancy terms for tenants across the NCR Real Estate market
Navigating the Japan real estate market
Property and asset management strategies in turbulent times
The Rise of China’s Institutional Investors
Office relocation gets the green light
Navigating the China real estate market
Sellers should consider real estate auctions
Auctions for notes and other financial instruments
China Domestic Logistics: Huge Potential in Cold Chain
Auctions - not just for distressed assets anymore
Reduce your lease-up time
Mumbai real estate market - a changing landscape
Navigating the Singapore real estate market
Commercial real estate trends in India
Manufacturers in China explore various asset strategies
Shanghai retail property demand remains strong
Critical care for critical environments
Port and airport privatization grows in the U.S.
Refurbishing office assets in the down cycle
Outsourcing facilities management (FM) services in the industrial sector
Shanghai Residential market – both buyers and developers’ confidence back
Savvy optimists finding the silver lining in Japan real estate
Extracting real value out of developers
Indian Economy - Expecting a faster bounce back
Australia Leasing Update: Preparing for a market turnaround
A US perspective on the Australian investment market
Dramatic improvements with "drop-in centers"
New workplace strategy: Where do we go from here?
Retailers improving revenue with Six Sigma
What to consider when consolidating manufacturing
A catalyst for the return of capital markets
Lower construction costs impact current projects
Sustainability can save money
Domestic demand drives investment in China Industrial
Go green with better data
New incentives for old projects
Strategic non-distressed selling is picking up
How far have property values dropped?
Go beyond the lease renewal
Should companies buy or lease?
Protect your tenant allowances and concessions
LEED for existing buildings is the new differentiator
Shanghai Residential: An Early Spring?
Restructuring Leases: Immediate savings opportunities
The green phoenix: a flight to quality in challenging times
Lender interest in real estate is shifting
Hidden opportunity for smaller companies in NYC
Three smart moves for retailers
Tokyo Office Market: Opportunity Knocks for Occupiers
The other stimulus story: real estate
Now's the time for non-profits to buy
The end of leases as we know them
What can we know in the current economy?
China 40 - The Rising Urban Stars
Office Asset Repositioning
Protective measures for financial tough times
Occupancy commencement vs. actual lease date
Attracting tenants in tough markets
Property sustainability key to economic stimulus
Look beyond rent when locating data centers
New trend in outsourced data centers
Downturn opportunities for corporate real estate
Maturing mortgages will drive market in 2009
Corporate real estate strategies for the downturn
Beijing - A Challenging Real Estate Market in 2009
Driving value through the supply chain
Potential opportunities in secondary markets
Relieving the tension around seniors housing
Tipping sacred cows: the new CRE opportunity
Brokers are more than dealmakers
Opportunities for service companies in NYC
Scenario planning for uncertain times
Underutilized assets can still be monetized
China 2020: The Real Estate Landscape
Hotel Management Contracts: Latest trends
Maximizing flexibility through lease terms
Embracing the conference call
Retail shifts from growth to value
Gaining more predictable results for complex projects
Public-private partnerships: What do both parties need?
It's a good time to explore leasing options
Does sustainability make sense in these times?
Is real estate a core competency for healthcare?
Turning Green into Gold: Measuring the ROI of Sustainability
The timing may be right for new construction
Does it make sense to outsource distribution?
Risk management is more than a contingency plan
CREs should stop leading with real estate strategies
Creative leasing for government-owned assets
Interest in green spec. office is growing in Boston
Take advantage of scale when consolidating a portfolio
How blogs can boost workplace programs
Do "green" industrial properties make financial sense?
How best to curtail capital spending?
What will help Silicon Valley weather the financial crisis?
Are assigned work spaces even necessary?
Urban development with a longer view
Network strategy for supply chain savings
Hospital systems discovering unknown assets
"On-shore" vs. "off-shore" location strategies
Pudong rent down 7%: a correction not a crash
Chicago office: South LaSalle Street is coming back!
Site selection: is the right labor force in place?
Asia business focus driving demand in Hong Kong
Transparency on the rise in Eastern Europe and Dubai
Cross-functional planning pays dividends
A new green in Boston
Despite uncertainty, a good time to be in the market
Finding debt for office despite capital constraints
Break up large portfolios to reduce transaction risk
Watch for post-election leasing returns in Washington, DC
Is the global slowdown affecting MNCs’ growth in China?
Opportunity in freight train lines
Optimize your gain on sale-leasebacks
Expansion options for corporate tenants
Below market lease rates can cost you a fortune
Addressing the corporate real estate "value gap"
Sustainability: What are you doing about it?
China's 'killer apps': drivers of China's continued competitiveness
The demographic "perfect storm" and location strategy
Strategic sustainability starts with smart baselining
Are Chicago tenants willing to pay more for green?
Changing a building's skin - with tenants in place
Consider selling assets with assumable debt
Chicago office: vacancies increasing slowly
Is there a seller's imperative? It's time to find out.
Looking for cost savings? Think location strategy.
Demographics driving opportunities in senior housing
Sustainable offices can drive productivity
Find equity partners that bring more than money
Managing corporate real estate with a single contact
The impact of capital markets on leasing
Are your offices designed for collaborative work?
Scenario planning for the future of corporate real estate
Q X A = E: Three ideas to help lead change
Audit sub-tenant leases for significant savings
Demonstrate leadership with sustainability reporting
"Blitz Teams" can still deliver cost reductions in '08
Perhaps you should consider annual lease audits?
Dig deeper for value in benchmarking
Houston office: able to absorb new construction
Washington DC: what's happening in class "A" office?
Locating call centers: how much is too much?
Chilled water costs: a need for more science and less art
Healthcare: opportunities in un-used beds
Enhance ethics with open offices
Washington DC: trophies a good buy
Washington DC: market forces at work
Considering data center power needs
Texas: making sense of new state taxes
Three strategies for capital deployment in '08
Can sustainability translate to a price premium?
Can real estate be used to mitigate business risk?
Going green with free help from local utilities
New York commercial office: how strong is it?
Workplace strategy: driving sustainability?
Should you benchmark your leases?
Corporate sustainability: it starts with real estate
What is a carbon footprint?
Industrial: sustainability from garbage?
Election year opportunities in real estate
Debt today: prepare for syndication
Sustainability: becoming a mandate?
Atlanta: what's happening downtown?
Atlanta: redefining class A office?
International investors using incentives
LEED building practices: worth another look
Can shipping volume predict industrial absorption?